NEW 100% Microfibre POWER

NEW 100% Microfibre POWER

Shiny Clean with just water!

Meet our new member in the Wettex family; Wettex® Microfibre Power and get shiny clean surfaces without stripes and water stains. No need of chemicals - shiny clean with just water.

A microfibre cloth that combines 3 cleaning properties in one and the same cloth - cleans easily greasy dirt, absorbs all liquid and leaves one shiny clean surface without stripes. An all-round talent that will do wonders in your home.



Product Highlights



  1. Active Soaking Power:  If you want to avoid leaving behind water streaks or droplets, this Wettex Microfibre Power cloth will become your preferred cleaning tool. Its high absorbency and active soaking ability leave no residue on your surfaces.
  2. Next Generation Microfibres:  This Wettex Microfibre Power cloth is designed to combine significant cleaning features like a comfortable grip when damp or wet, streak- and lint-free procedures, high-volume water absorption, and quickly pick up dirt particles.
  3. Double-Colour Cloths:  In our Wettex Microfibre Power cloth set, you will find two cleaning cloths – one is blue and the other is purple. Both are constructed and designed in the same manner.

MORE INFORMATION on the Wettex Microfibre Power Cloth

MORE INFORMATION on the Wettex Microfibre Power Cloth

Do you need a new, efficient household cleaner? Are you ready for the next microfibre generation? Our latest addition to the Wettex family is our Microfibre Power cloth. It combines the best features and capabilities of tried and tested cleaning supplies.

You can help us in protecting the environment by using the Wettex Microfibre Power cloth just with water and by washing it at a lower temperature in the washing machine. Simply wash & re-use this durable cloth. It is a more sustainable alternative than using a disposable cloth like paper towels. For making this product even more green sense, the packaging is made from 40% recycled plastic.

Buy one of our Wettex Microfibre Power cloths with  its water-activated softness – use it wet and you will feel how soft the cloth is in your hands. With a special coating you get a sensational absorption and polishing effect. PVA is the same material used in i.e., contact lenses and it loves water. After wet wiping, subsequent drying is unnecessary, because the cloth’s drying ability has been maximized by our experts.  

The cloth is OEKO-TEX certified, which means that the product is tested for harmful substances and is therefore harmless for human health.

Whether you want to clean your kitchen, your bathroom or anything else, the microfibre cloth with the 3 features in one cloth; microfibre power, absorption and streak-free cleaning, guarantees a comfortable, efficient, and multi-surface cleaning process, which will simplify your chores immensely. Suitable for everyday cleaning, this reusable product is fully equipped to bring you shining surfaces and glistening brilliance in your home. It’s a cleaner, a wiper, and a sponge – all in one!

To secure its hygienic abilities, regularly rinse your microfiber cloth either by hand or wash them at up to 60 °C in your washing machine. The microfibre cloth is a new star amongst microfibre cloths and should be used in any modern household. Add it to your own collection of cleaning tools and experience its full potential. Make your life easier with this 2-pack of our machine-washable, high-quality Wettex Microfibre Power!

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